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Default Re: This show in the larger MCU...

Originally Posted by SPO2 Dalisay View Post
And folks disagree with your theory, deal with it.
I don’t have a theory, so there’s nothing for me to deal with. Y’all are the ones with the theories. As far as folks disagreeing with me, I couldn’t care less
Originally Posted by fan4stic View Post
Yeah and an acrobat wouldn't serve his situation at all. Tony isn't shown to have the authority to Cage out of prison, even if Cage would agree and even if he's the kind of hero Tony wanted. Jessica is just as needless. None of this serves Tony's goal. Even Luke wouldn't really serve what Tony wanted to accomplish. Call it forced if you want, but Tony went to Peter for his strength in stopping a car at 3,000 pounds 40 miles an hour and his webbing. Maybe he did go to them first and they rejected him, but it doesn't matter and seeing those scenes doesn't service the movie or what the movie wants to do.
Like I said earlier, Black Widow is an “acrobat” and served Tony’s situation, so Daredevil could too. Tony could’ve also easily bailed Luke out of prison if he wanted to. I’m not calling it forced, I’m calling it a plot hole. The rest of your post is just more of “maybe this, maybe that” - fan explanation and speculation

Originally Posted by spideyboy_1111 View Post
"some guy" sounds like an idiot
Originally Posted by Sexy Magician View Post
'you know what let this discussion go.'
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