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Really going all over the places with these excuses. First it's the fact that Matt is just an acrobat, now it's the fact that Tony doesn't know him and that he's if this explains why Tony wouldn't even try to recruit. ...because Luke has brute strength and would be a huge asset to his team It is maybe because this is all an explanation coming from you, a fan, and not from a scene in the movie with Stark saying "Hm there is that bulletproof man in jail who would be a tough cookie to beat, but...I don't wanna waste my time with him."It is a plot hole. There are several superheroes in New York and there is no logic whatsoever narratively for Tony to not even attempt to talk to them, and no amount of fan explanation is going to make sense out of it. That's all you guys are doing is making up your own excuses to justify it when really, as I've said perhaps 10 times now - the only reason there's no passive mention or cameo of the Netflix characters in the MCU films is because of Hollywood politics
These aren't excuses. These are pieces of the universe. BW is already there. Tony didn't recruit her. And him being retired or at least not active is evident by him not showing up for months and that's not a readily available superhero. What you're calling a plot hole is just a piece of info you don't have that the movie doesn't need because it doesn't serve the movie in any way. We know why the real reason they wouldn't be mentioned, but the movies don't need to mention them even if it could. The universe has built in reasons why irregardless though. Tony is on a limited timeframe. None of them are active at that moment, but Peter was. Based on everything, it makes sense for Tony to go for the active hero that wouldn't kill more time than he has.

Yeah, in Tony's situation at the moment, he wouldn't want to waste his time, because he doesn't have much. He was given a limit by Ross.

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