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Originally Posted by XtremelyBaneful View Post
What do you mean "again"? This is the first time you've tried this rebuttal since every other time all you've said is "ign is crap" - and anyways, I got no reason to believe that the scale on the marvel website isn't overall in line with the MCU, I don't see why it wouldn't be

I've already pointed out sections in the media where Luke's strength trumps Cap's, so I'm just gonna have to repeat myself; Cap struggled to break open a locked door on a helicarrier, meanwhile Luke kicked down a set of metal bars blocking his path. Cap can kick a man and send them flying in the air, meanwhile Luke flicks a man and knocks him out cold.

This is all it comes down to man. There's nothing else to be said here and I'm glad we can at least agree on this.
I said again because I mentioned two posts ago how innacurate and subject to change supolemental materials are. The only thing that's Canon are the shoes themselves. Period.

And dude, it doesn't matter if Luke appears to handle some grunts easier than Cap, he has never done anything close to pulling a helicopter down.

Let's say this again, He. Has. Never. Done. Anything. Like. That. There is no arguing this point. Cap, as of now, has clearly demonstrated the most impressive feat of strength. Luke hasn't. As such, we have no evidence to show that Luke is above Cap as of now.

It's simple man, if you're in a competition to see who lifts the heaviest thing, the dude who lifts the heaviest thing wins. You're argument is essentially saying "but in earlier rounds the other guy lifted a bit more!" Doesn't matter. What matters is who lifts the most at the end. Cap had lifted the heaviest thing so far. Luke has not. Ignoring that at this point is simply ignoring the reality of the movies and the Luke Cage show.

Once again, I'm not saying that Lukr won't eventually be shown to be as strong or stronger, but so far, he's done nothing to compare to Cap in Civil War.


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