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Originally Posted by XtremelyBaneful View Post
Don't get me wrong, I understand your point. What you're saying basically if we're being non-biased, is that Luke hasn't had the exposition of doing something as extraordinary as what Cap did with the helicopter in Civil War.

I get that, however in the same movie we see Cap also kicking opponents to neutralize them; Luke spends way less effort to do the same. To me that means that Luke potentially can do much more than what Cap's done, we just haven't seen it yet because of budgetary reasons
That I can get behind. And I think that's the most probable reason as well. And the fact that writers like to power up or down characters to serve frantic purposes. As cool as it was to see Cap pull a helicopter down, if he can pull 3000lbs, he should be able to more easily incapacitate people as well. But then we wouldn't have those knifty action scenes.

They do the same thing with Elecktra, if she can go hand to hand with Luke and Jessica, one hit should take Matt out of a fight. But that would make for a boring action sequence.


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