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Originally Posted by XtremelyBaneful View Post
So what excuse is there in Tony not even trying to recruit a vigilante who will be at least as effective as Black Widow, regardless of the fact that he was retired?The plot hole that I've been discussing in this thread is actually far beyond Civil War, it's for the MCU as a whole; this thread has just devolved into a discussion about that particular movie. It serves the MCU immensely if New York is going to be a key setting in the next Avengers movie and the Defenders do nothing. Anyways, Stark was on a limited timeframe yet he was already in New York so timing is not something I agree with either.

Again, it's not like Tony himself said "I don't have time to talk to the other superheroes in New York" - it's you saying it
BW is already apart of his group and is apart of the avengers already. She's there because she's apart of te avengers. Tony isn't recruiting here. She's already apart of it.

NY wasn't a key setting. Titan and Wakanda were key settings along with thanos' ship and the dwarf star. NY is a footnote in the movie. It would've been nice to see more characters there, but it doesn't add anything to do it even if they were allowed to. Timing is still an issue with retired, anti-social and imprisoned people. If someone wants nothing to do with superheroism, they'll be harder to convince and that's more time. Even being in prison takes a little more legal time to wrangle, especially with Tony plnning to take the person out of the country. Then there's the things that Tony is interested in in spider-man's abilities.

You don't need it. If you know enough to know these characters, you'll know their situations are out of sorts at the moment, in connection with Tony's time limit. If you don't, it won't matter.

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