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Default Re: Batman v Superman Plot Speculation

Originally Posted by Aztec View Post
Bruce arrives at Metropolis to help Lex Luthor rebuild the city. Why is he really there? To investigate some of Lex's shenanigans. Just like he did with the meeting with Lau in TDK. Turns out Lex's shenanigans involve killing Supes. Reporter Clark Kent is hot on the story as well. Wayne gives Kent an interview.

-Supes and Bats meet and they discover each others identity.
-"I don't like your style." "Well, I don't like yours!"
-They fight
-They realize the true threat Lex and Joker (please be Joker...please be Joker) are up to some real bad stuff!
-Supes and Bats team up to fight the threat
-"Hey I kind of like you." "Hey I kind of like you!"
-"I was trained by a League of Shadows. They sought to destroy civilization."
-"Maybe we could create a League of Justice to save civilization!"
-"You mean a Justice League?" (turn and wink at camera)
This new Batman isn't going to have had any of the experiences you referenced, as he's not going to be the Batman from Nolan's trilogy.

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