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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 6

It was astral projection. However, based on what astral projection actually really is, out of body experience, placing your conciousness into your higher dimensional astral body, and letting it wander and explore different realms, or in Loki's case, as an advanced being from asgard, apparently he can freely travel in the physical as realm as well in this body. (assuming of course where he went to meet the other was still the third dimension" And from a 3rd dimensional POV on earth, yes, in a way, Loki's astral projection WOULD be going on in his head, as far as his physical body on eath is concerned... to support what LokiD was saying.

Essentially Loki's consciousness was in a higher dimensional body, or a "spirit body" of his when he went to talk to the other, while his three dimensional body remained in his little Shield hideout, however, I'm sure his three dimensional body wasn't limp, or "asleep" as he probably could have some sort of awareness there simultaneously, but I am getting a wee bit too spiritual here :P

however, it is worth noting, that The Other physically touched Loki at the end there, something that I would expect not be able to happen, unless, The other is operating on a higher dimension as well, and they met in a higher dimension, the two of them.

Or, it was just for effect

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