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Originally Posted by milost View Post

Surely he is a cheap tabloid fabrication created to sell papers ...

That's what they said about me. People hurt and lie to each other, they're more interested in what I drive, than what I stand for. I need their intelligence, they give me their lunch boxes. They sell t-shirts of me. I'm more good for the tourist trade than the streets.

If this is actually from a draft of "Batman Returns" then that's awesome...because some of Batman's dialogue here is identical to a monologue he delivers in the "Batman: The Animated Series" episode "I Am The Night" when he's discussing his feelings on giving up with Dick Grayson.

"When all is said and done, how much good have I accomplished? They sell t-shirts of me. I've become a cliché. More good for the tourist trade than the streets."

So cool!

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