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Yeah, John Daggett is the better comparison. It's interesting because, Max Shreck is pretty much the granddaddy of that "corrupt businessman" that we see in BTAS and TDKR. Originally in BTAS, Daggett was going to be Max Shreck, but they changed him up a bit and made him more like Norman Osborn. Then TDKR of course, took Daggett and went in a different direction.

Between Returns Shreck and Rises Daggett, I'd take Shreck. He was a more interesting character and actually had pull. If they dialed him back a bit, he might have been more frightening than annoying. It's interesting because, in Rises, Daggett is pretty much just a pawn for the villains in plot. In Returns, Shreck is the one who is using people as puppets and pulling their strings. The Mayor, Selina, Cobblepot, they're all below him in his eyes. The only one that's not buying it is Batman.

Daggett? Eh, he's pretty obnoxious. I know that's the point but I think more could have been done with that sort of character archetype. Especially in a movie that's dealing with class and historic wars.

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