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Default Re: Batman/Superman Pushed Back to 2016 - Part 1

Originally Posted by bestever23 View Post
listen I never talk on hear much anymore but this is the site that gave me access to Dark Knight & other comic book news

I need everyone's help.

I think the delay which sucks and I'm sad about it is a GOOD thing.
Gives more time to polish the script.
more time for the actors to train.
75th Anniversary of Wonder Woman.
2015 was way too crowded.

now with that said, It's funny because all the "haters" seem to like that it got delayed and said that it will get the script better
but I have alot of fans on my facebook who are pissed and saying they don't care anymore and whining.

so anyways I need everyone's help to try to convince these so called "fans" it's a good thing.

I got one guy saying "I'm sick and tired of Marvel getting 4 movies out before DC"
which is true but I have a feeling the audience is getting sick of Marvel style movies.

anyways any thoughts on how I can tell these whinners that 2016 is better for business?
First things first. Marvel Studios has properties they OWN, and others they sold to various studios before being bought out by Disney.

So the film rights to Spider-Man, X-men, Fantastic Four, Deadpool, and Elektra are NOT owned by Disney/Marvel.

If we were to cut the Fox/Sony films OUT we'd have about two films a year.

Keep in mind WB has to focus on OTHER properties, while Marvel Studios is ORIENTED over superhero movies.

This isn't to say that live action DC wasn't mishandled or WB WASN'T gun shy, just that WB has to focus on all kinds of movies.

Also, Marvel's created this light "soft" formula, whereas I think WB/DC are still trying to think of where the should go (dark seems to be the default, though).

That being said Superman/Batman BETTER be epic

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