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Originally Posted by Blue Sugar View Post
I'm cautiously curious about this movie. I love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and I think the first two X-Men movies are good. After that I didn't like either X3, Origin: Wolverine or First Class all that much. So I think it's time for a good or even great X-Men based movie. And I think Jackman's Wolverine should be the one to deliver.

Now of course Aronofsky falling out is a huge letdown, I don't wanna imagine how awesome that movie could have been. Though the replacement couldn't have been better in my opinion. Huge Mangold fan, I think Copland and Yuma are great and I absolutely love Walk the Line – an amazing portrait of one of my favorite artists of all time (I'm biased yes).

So I'm way more interested and stoked for The Wolverine than First Class 2. Jackman's Wolverine deserves a better movie than Origins.
Agreed on all counts. I've been waiting for an X movie to love since X2, and while I know not to expect too much, I'm cautiously placing my hopes on this film delivering. Jackman deserves a better film for his efforts. He's only batting 50/50 at the moment.

First Class was a frustrating mixed bag in my opinion. I'll no doubt see the sequel, but I was no more optimistic about the franchise after seeing it.

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