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Default Re: Disney/Marvel & ABC working on Avengers spin-off tv show?

Marvel Studios isn't going to start making 5 movies a year or something like people want them to. For one, they don't have the budget; the studio heads produce all the movies themselves, they don't bring in other producers/production companies to do it for them; and they simply understand that flooding the market is a terrible thing for the genre, not a great one.

The big ticket stuff is and will remain the big name characters. They aren't going to put off an Iron Man movie or an Avengers movie or a Thor movie for a smaller name character. They're still a business, they need to meet certain quotas to keep their jobs. So when you see that they're already struggling to fit B-list stuff like Ant-Man and Dr Strange and Black Panther into their schedules, where does that leave the lower tier characters?

Most people here would like to see a Luke Cage movie or a Moon Knight movie or a Power Pack movie. People aren't against these movies on principle. But you also have to understand that realistically, logistically, they are a long long ways off, if they happen it all. So for these characters to see the light of day, it might have to be through another medium.

Sure, there are lots of ****** TV shows. The majority of shows based around superheroes have been absolute trash. The same can be said about superhero films, though. Before Marvel Studios the huge name characters, the Batmen and X-Men and Spider-Men and Supermen of the world, had seen filmmakers devote a lot of time and care and creativity to their movies. But the other characters, the characters with less exposure, got films that amounted to nothing. Some amounted to less than nothing.

So if this same group of people, or at least some of these same people, wants to try doing the same for a television show based around these characters, knows that that's the only way some of these characters are going to see any media exposure at all, and believes it can be done well, why should we feel angst about it? Television as a medium for storytelling has a ton of potential. The episodic formula umbrellaed by long-term arcs, allows for characters to be explored and cared for and realized in some pretty exciting ways.

True, you need the right people in front of the camera, behind the camera, and holding the pen (typing ) but the same holds true for film. Yeah, 3 out of 4 network shows are trash. The same holds true for film. "Just make a movie with those characters instead." If only it were so simple.

I'm just gonna go ahead and stay excited, and hope they nail it the way they did with film.

End rant.

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