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Default Re: The Ultimate DC RPG - Season III

Originally Posted by Spike_x1 View Post
Grunting in pain as much as surprise when Savage's sword digs into me, I stumble backward but keep my eyes on the man. I should have suspected something more of the sword when I saw it in my scan, but I thought that it might simply be ornamental. If it's magic, then I can probably guess with some degree of accuracy that it's protected from my simply trying to melt it down with heat vision. So I won't even try to destroy it.

"I don't take kindly to threats on the best of days, Savage."

I can already feel the cut in my side mending itself, and move my hand away from clutching at the wound for him to see.

"So you can cut me. Big deal."

With my next breath, arctic winds meet Savage's hand and freeze it in position locked around the sword. It all hits the floor in the next instant with a heavy clunk! in the form of a large solid block of ice, too heavy for an ordinary man to lift.

Meanwhile, the hulking zombified corpse of Umberto Maroni tries to get the drop on me from behind, but he practically sounds like a tank trying to sneak up on me. "I hear you call yourself 'Solomon Grundy' these days," I say, turning to face him. "Regardless, you're a long way from Gotham, Umberto. Why don't I give you a lift back?" Roaring like the monster he is, Grundy throws his massive fist at me, but I dodge it at speed to grab him by the wrist and throw him through the hole in the roof caused by Giganta.

In the direction of Gotham City.

I doubt he'll make it all the way there, but without the power of flight, he'll probably land in the ocean and have a long walk to shore. I'll get back to him later, but at least he'll be out of our hair for now.

I turn back to Vandal Savage. "You've got the sword, you've got the skills, and you've got the army. But I don't care." I made the mistake before of rushing him in a blunt surprise attack, but now I'm going to take my time. My perceptions shift into superspeed, but I'm in no hurry. Frozen in time from my point of view, Vandal is defenseless as I simply stroll forward and slap him hard enough across the face to send him careening into the far wall, his features instantly bloody and bruised. I came close, but I can see that I didn't break his jaw. Too bad.

"I don't care who you think you are, and I don't care what kind of pedestal you've put yourself on. You're a murderer who's going to answer for his crimes."

I can finally hear the approach of Steel's jets. With some technological know-how around here, I'll feel a lot better about whatever trap is waiting in the wings from Ivo.

"Do you have any idea how many times I've heard that, Superman?" said Savage, spitting a wad of blood onto the floor before his wounds began to close up. "How many self-righteous crusaders and would-be heroes have tried to stop me?"

Savage looked Superman directly in the eyes. In the immortal man's eyes, his true age shone through, thousands of years of bloodshed and destruction.

"And more importantly," he said, carefully adjusting a black ring on his little finger, "Do you really think that sword is the only weapon I have that can hurt you?"

He sneered as a deafening hypersonic pulse burst from the ring, shattering the monitors of the Justice League's computers, cracking the ice that contained Savage's sword, and bursting the immortal's eardrums. Blood poured from his ears and nose, but he still sneered as he watched the Man of Steel sent reeling.

Meanwhile, across the Pacific, a streak of orange and tan cut a swath through the ocean. The Cheetah raced East, back towards Happy Harbor, with the Flash and Green Lantern hot on her heels. She didn't enjoy being Vandal Savage's errand runner, especially when it involved her being pursued--frankly, she preferred being the predator rather than the prey.

Or, in this case, the bait.

"I thought you were supposed to be faster than this," she called out to the Flash, mockingly. "It's not good to disappoint a girl like me!"

Cheetah turned and slashed her claws back at her assailants, ripping an enormous wall of water out of the ocean. She knew it wouldn't stop him, or even slow him down.....but it was enough to put on a show.

He was so dead. They were all dead. And the best part was, they didn't even know it.

"I think I'll let Killer Frost have your boy-toy with the ring," she called out, giving the Green Lantern a sly wink, before looking back at Flash and licking her lips. "You, though, I'll keep all to--*hkkk!*"

As they moved inland, Cheetah didn't even see the flashing of a golden rope in front of her until it had encircled her neck.


Moving at super-speed, the sudden stop snapped the villainness's spinal cord like a twig.

The chase was cut to an abrupt halt as the Cheetah tumbled to the ground, convulsing for a second, and then was still.

"That," said Wonder Woman as she pulled back her Lasso, "was for Steve Trevor."

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