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Default Re: The Ultimate DC RPG - Season III

It's hard to tell what the bigger story of the day is; The Iceberg lounge reopening or Oswald Cobblepot being announced as the new owner of Wayne Enterprises. Regardless Oswald Cobblepot is being hailed as the Prince of Gotham.

He mingles with various patrons in the lounge while shaking hands, posing for pictures and making small talk as Adele prepares to take the stage.

His L-Phone buzzes and he checks it briefly. Oswald puts it away as his manager Vicki approaches him and says, "Sir they're ready."

He nods and takes to the stage once the spotlight is on him the room erupts into a thunderous standing ovation.

Oswald puts his hands up and says, "Thank you one and all. Thank you."

The crowd seems to get louder with cheers and whistles. Oswald smiles and says again, "Thank you please have a seat. Please so we can all enjoy what is sure to be a magnificent performance by Adele. Please my friends."

Finally the crowd sits down and Oswald asks, "And how was your day today?"

The crowd laughs and Oswald says, "I hope it was a good one I had pretty good if I say so myself. Regardless though what gives me great joy is making others happy. I am glad that I'm able to play a small part in helping not only to stabilize the business landscape here in Gotham, but that the employees of Wayne Enterprises will not have to worry about their jobs anymore. I also wish to thank the men and women of Greevly Construction who helped restore The Iceberg Lounge, and to the men and women who are on staff here. Thank you for staying with me and believing in me when I said that we would be back. My friends we are back!"

The crowd applauds and Oswald nods. He then continues, "I am glad that so many are enjoying the festivities this evening, and the profits this evening are being split between the Gotham City Orphanage and the Police & Fire Department bereavement fund."

As the crowd applauds again Oswald says, "And my friends I will match each dollar given to each of those organizations this evening. While we enjoy ourselves we must remember that to those who are given much much is expected."

The crowd applauds but not as much as previously.

Hmmm apparently stepped on some collective guilt.

Oswald says, "But enough of me taking up your time it gives me great pleasure to introduce one of the top selling recording artists today. A woman who has brought great joy to millions of people with her God given talent of music. Ladies & Gentlemen please welcome to the stage Adele!"

Adele steps out onto the stage and Oswald applauds. The two share a peck on the cheek and Oswald exits the stage.

Once he is out of sight Oswald checks his phone message and sees that his latest shipment from Coasta Mirada has arrived and will be ready for sale within a week to the buyers in Metropolis, Central City, Star City, and Gotham.

Oswald texts back:

Good. Take care of it.

He then erases then messages and goes back this seat and enjoys the concert.

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