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Default Re: The Ultimate DC RPG - Season III

Originally Posted by MST3K 4ever View Post

The Atom returns to 6 inches in height and floats next to the group.

She says, "He's fast and he's got the power duplication thing down, but when you get down to it he's an android. A robot and inspite of that there are certain inherent flaws in all of them to be exploited."

Atom looks at Steel and says, "You're a scientist as well right?"

Steel replies, "Sure am."

Atom continues, "And I'm guessing by the suit of armor you know how to work with your hands as well."

Steel replies, "I've been known to do some tinkering in the workshop from time to time."

Atom says with a smile in her voice, "Wait until you see our workshop. Come on! I gotta an idea! You all keep him busy we'll be ready to go in about 5 minutes."

She looks at Fate and nods at him and he gives a quick nod.

Atom and Steel take off out of the room

"Five minutes?" Vandal Savage said with a laugh. "You barely have five seconds."

Amazo emerged from the rubble of the crumbling Hall of Justice, floating in the air, swirling with power.

One of the android's hands wore an exact replica of a Green Lantern ring, shimmering with emerald light.

The other held a copy of Wonder Woman's Lasso, glittering gold.

The eyes glowed red with Superman's Heat Vision.

The body crackled with kinetic energy, duplicating the Flash's speed.

Around it swirled a vortex of arcane energy, replicating Doctor Fate's magic.

"Everything you can do," Savage taunted, "Amazo can do better."

"Enough talking," Wonder Woman snarled. "Throw whatever monsters you want at us, Savage; you and your band of murderers face Justice today."

With that, the Amazon charged towards the android......

.....and was enveloped in a hellish blast of Power Ring energy, Heat Vision, and mystical fire all at once.

"I'm on this, hotness!" shouted Green Lantern, firing a blast from his ring towards Amazo.....but to his shock, the blast went right through the android as if it wasn't even there. Amazo had mimicked the Martian Manhunter's ability to shift his molecular density into intangibility.

Amazo turned its energy onslaught towards the Lantern.

"GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Jordan exclaimed, the obliterating wave of energy overwhelming his shield and slamming him into a wall before it crumbled on top of him.

"No...." Wonder Woman said through gritted teeth, straining to stand. "Have to.....stop you....."

"That really isn't a possibility at this point, my dear," Savage said with a hungry grin. "Alone or in full force, nothing you can do can stop Amazo. Which reminds me...."

As Amazo rushed towards Superman and the Flash, weapons brought to bear, Savage walked towards a heap of rubble where the Atomic Skull lay, barely conscious.

"Get up," he said to the super-strong irradiated killer. "The Atom and Steel are attempting to cobble together some form of weapon to use against us. You and I are going to kill them before they have a chance to try it."

Hundreds of thousands of miles away, on the surface of the moon, a monitor screen showed footage from the battle in the Hall of Justice, as well as the hundreds of other battles being waged by the Legion of Doom all over the world. A handful of molecule-sized nano-cameras recorded the action, unseen to the naked eye, but able to capture and transmit information in extraordinary high-definition 3-D.

The Justice League's intervention had severely crippled the Legion's army, but there were still many wreaking havoc in cities and small towns worldwide. Now, with the Legion's secret weapon in play, the heroes were on the ropes.

"Hostile forces are rallying in Western Europe," a cold, synthetic voice stated. "UN forces are being routed in Australia and Southeast Asia. Hostile forces regrouping from the Justice League's intervention in America. My calculations show that now would be the optimal time to begin the counterattack."

"Agreed," said another voice, one which regarded the carnage and devastation being wrought with the same tone as he might discuss his company's stock rising half a point. "Give the order for the Society's strike teams to engage the Legion's troops and drive them out."

"It is done," the artificial voice answered. "And what of the Justice League? I estimate less than a 0.0003% chance of their survival against Professor Ivo's android. Shall we intervene now?"

"Not just yet, Brainiac," Lex Luthor said, calmly watching the proceedings from his reconstructed lunar Watchtower. "I want to see Superman bleed a little more before we end this show."

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