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Default Re: The Ultimate DC RPG - Season III

Originally Posted by Andy C. View Post


Meanwhile, Vandal Savage and the Atomic Skull stalked through the hallways, searching for the Atom and Steel.

"Found something," the Skull said, sifting through the rubble of the Justice League's Workshop.

"Indeed you have," Savage remarked, looking at what looked like an old satellite. "A relic from the Voyager program, if I'm not mistaken. Interesting note: the Golden Record on the side of the Voyager probe? I embedded it with a series of subliminal messages that would indoctrinate any potential alien life forms who listened to it with orders to find Earth and swear allegiance to me. A longshot to the point of being a statistical impossibility, I know, but one of the things you learn about being immortal is that, given an infinite amount of time, the odds of anything happening become 100 percent."

The Atomic Skull grunted.

"So what's it doing?" he asked, carefully prodding at the relic.

"Well, these satellites were basically large receivers and transmitters," the immortal explained, "So Steel and Atom have most likely rigged it to transmit some kind of signal, probably in the hopes of jamming Amazo's sensors or something of the like."

"Well, then let's get rid of it!" The Skull said, his fists flaring with radioactive fire.

"Wait, it's--"

Before Savage could warn him, the Skull slammed a flaming fist into the satellite, demolishing the piece of old space-age equipment. A split-second later, they were bombarded with a massive electromagnetic pulse. When they regained their senses, the two villains were in complete darkness, the lights within the Hall of Justice taken out completely.

Vandal Savage gave an exhausted sigh.

"As I was about to's probably a trap."

The Atom hears Savage & The Atomic Skull outside of the probe.

Not exactly how I thought it would end, but then again do we get to decide our own way of....

Just then her entire world shakes and rumbles with parts of the probe closing in on her. She sees the spark leading to the EMP charge.

That should do it.

With that her entire world becomes a giant flash of light. Her protective lenses slide into place protecting her eyes but the wave sends her rocketing across the room.

The Atom slams into the wall and tumbles down into a pile of metal scraps, computer parts and various other parts.

As The Atom tries to make sense of what has happened suddenly she begins to see something.

She sees the Capitol Building in DC. A very large crowd has gathered on the steps. What surprises her is that The American Flag has been replaced by a red flag with a geometric shaped black "L." There is another flag over top of a video screen. The flag rises up and The Atom sees Mercy Graves step out to a podium on the screen.

She says, "Subjects I present to you our leader The Chosen One himself: Sovereign Lex Luthor."

Mercy bows slightly and Luthor appears on the screen wearing his customary black suit with an "L" lapel pin.

The Atom is shaken by what she is seeing.

What the hell has happened to me? Where am I? Another Parallel Universe? How...what???

Luthor steps forward and says, "My fellow Planetary Citizens. Two Years ago I stepped forward to help lead our world against The Justice League after their betrayal. They were a group of self-appointed vigilantes who sought to subject us to their interpreation of justice. One that sought to take away choice from us and set themselves apart from the rest of us and see themselves as Gods among us."

Luthor pauses and says, "They thought they were above the law that they swore to uphold. We knew it was time to bring them to the bar of justice by any means at our disposal, and we did starting with their leader..."

Lex presses a button on his podium and a video of a badly beaten, barely conscious, and chained Superman in a very tatered costume on the White House lawn fills the screen.

The next image shocks Atom to her core as she sees a green glowing shard driven into the middle of Superman's chest.

Superman lets out an ear-shattering scream as he falls over dead. His body slumping on the ground as Lex smiles the most devious smile that humanity could ever see.

The video fades away as another horrifying image fills the screen. Wonder Woman hung by her golden lasso from the crown of The Staute of Liberty. Her gauntlets melded together as her body is twitching and then The Atom realizes...

She's not dead she's just...there. Wonder Woman isn't dying but she can't do anything she's in eternal torture.

Lex says, "Over they years others were brought before us to answer for their crimes."

A video of The Flash is in metal restraints and is desperately trying to vibrate out. Lex says, "Thanks to our ally in Gotham City at Cobblepot Industries The Flash, Green Lantern, and Doctor Fate were dealt with accordingly."

The restraints are being pulled in different directions as Oswald Cobblepot turns a wheel until finally the Flash's limbs are ripped out of their sockets. He is left there and eventually dies.

A video shows Green Lantern strapped to a table. He bucks in obvious agony as several hundred volts of electricty course through his body. Once the voltage stops Oswald walks over and with a meat cleaver cuts off Lantern's right hand. As Lantern screams in agony Oswald cuts off his head and says, "Would you mind dying with some kind of dignity!"

Oh no I know what's next. I don't know if should watch.

Fate is shown beaten and tied to a pole with several logs around him and Oswald with great glee says, "You're a sorcerer of some kind aren't you Dr. Fate?"

Oswald lights a torch and says, "Well there's only one way to deal with those who dabble in magic."

He throws the torch on the wood and within in seconds Dr. Fate is engulfed in flames. Fate struggles to get free but can't and is burned to death.

Atom tries to make any kind of show of emotion but is emotionally paralyzed. don't...I...

Lex's image fills the screen again and says, "Then there was the issue of Martian Manhunter and Steel. The leader of our Army General Bane dispatched them both."

Atom sees a hulking figure in combat fatigues and a black mask holding Manhunter and Steel over a volcanic pit. He tosses them into the pit like rag-dolls and within seconds Manhunter melts away and Steel burns alive.

Lex is now smiling as he says, "There was only one holdout left. He tried to lead an insurrection within the walls of Gotham enlisting anyone he could to assist him in his cause. In the end though it was a fool's quest as you all will see now. We go live to Gotham where General Bane is waiting."

Lex presses a button and there is a now a split screen and Lex asks, "General are you ready?"

Bane steps out onto the steps of Cobblepot Towers and says, "I am here your excellency."

He bows slightly and Luthor returns the bow as Bane continues, "I vowed two months ago that I would not rest until the last Justice League member was brought before you and our fellow citizens. Today I fulfilled that vow I give to you all..."

Bane snaps his fingers and two men enter the picture dragging someone tied up as Bane says, "The Batman. He was trying to sabbotage Cobblepot Industries and he gave a noble effort. In the end though it was all for naught."

Batman is shown with his cowl barely hanging on blood pouring out from under his mask. His costume is nothing more than rags hanging off of him and Batman has no idea what is going on.

Bane says, "And now your excellency with your permission."

Luthor bows his head slightly and Bane grabs Batman from the two men and props him up on a giant bronze statue of Oswald Cobblepot. Bane pulls out a 44 Auto Mag, puts it to Batman's head and in the blink of an eye Batman's head explodes into a mosaic of blood, brain matter, skull fragments and flesh wrapped in pieces of a cowl all over the statue.

Luthor says, "Flawlessly carried out General Bane, You and your troops have more than earned the respect and praise of our people."

Bane bows and says, "The honor to serve along side one as yourself is praise beyond measure."

Lex presses a button and now only his image is on screen again as he says, "My fellow citizens. The war is over. We have won. The Justice League is no more."

The crowd on the steps begins to chant over and over, "HAIL LUTHOR HAIL!"

Luthor soaks in the crowd's chanting and motions for silence. The crowd quiets down as Luthor says, "Of course the peace we will now enjoy for generations would not be possible if not for the work of one who saw the light of true justice and The Justice League for the monsters that they were..."

He motions for someone to come forward and Mercy is carrying a case. She gives it to Luthor who bows slightly to Mercy as she exits the picture.

He opens the case and Lex says, "I give you The Atom!"

The Atom floats out wearing a silver and black costume and sits on Lex's shoulder.

She says, "It is an honor to serve you Sovereign Luthor and celebrate our long hard fought victory over those ungrateful mockeries of humanity."

The Atom is now mortified.

I....I betray The Justice League....what....NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Suddenly there is great darkness around The Atom. She feels the scraps around her that she landed in and slides her night-vision lenses into place.

The Atom sees where she has landed but for the moment that is not her concern. The vision she saw has shaken her greatly.

What happened? I...I don't....I...

She shakes her head trying to clear the cobwebs away.

I must've bumped my head or something right now though I need to find out what's going on.

The Atom lays in the bin for a few moments trying to gather her thoughts and block out what she saw.

Know yourself & your enemy & you need not fear the outcome of a thousand battles-- General Sun-Tzu

John 3:16

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