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Default Re: New Live Action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie In The Works? - Part 2

Originally Posted by Neptune View Post
TOTALLY AGREED! Enough with the kiddie stuff already. They're ninja's. Let see Raph stab a few goons and Leo cut some arms off. I hate how Hollywood always thinks they need to change the target groups of these franchises. Like the original fans don't matter anymore and potential fans are too stupid to understand it. They're freaking ninja's, ninja's kill people, get over it hollywood!!! And let's hear Raph curse while we're at it. You just know he'd throw in a few "F you's" and "sh%ts".
Even tho I would love to see something like this I don't think it will happen. The new cartoon is doing great and they'll try to capitalize on it. As long as it is good Im happy. Just give us something for Leo to cut and Raph to stab!

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