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Default Re: The President Obama Thread

Originally Posted by chaseter View Post
No one? Bueller, Bueller...
This brings up something I was thinking about the other night. I see this every once in awhile around here....but never either have the time to go further with it, or even bring it up...

I have noticed certain stories that have been in the news about Obama, etc...and they never see the light of day in the forum, OR....a person brings them up, but they never get discussed. It is actually pretty interesting...I have one that I'm watching right now that a mod posted yesterday, we shall see....

This goes the opposite as well....I'll try and keep up more with it...

Has anyone noticed how little media there has been about Hurricane Sandy...the clean up, where the money is being spent, etc...since the election...? Again, kind of interesting...OH, EXCEPT the article to slam Boehner for not putting the money bill up for a vote (even though it was full of pork, and spending for other things OTHER THAN THE HURRICANE CLEAN UP)...that was all over the news.


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