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Default Re: The President Obama Thread

White House Response to a petition to have him impeached:

Originally Posted by Official White House Response to We request that Obama be impeached for the following reasons.
The Short Answer is No, but Keep Reading

By The White House
Believe it are not, petitions like the one you signed are one of the reasons we think We the People is such a valuable tool. There are few resources that do more to help us engage directly with people about the issues that matter to them -- especially people who disagree with us.
So let us use this opportunity to set the record straight:
President Obama didn't declare a war in Libya -- and the limited military mission he did order was in keeping with decades of historic precedent.
The Supreme Court has ruled on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act -- and they upheld the law.
The President has deep respect and appreciation for the Constitution -- he studied it in law school, he taught students about its principles as a professor, and as a lawmaker and now as President, he's carried out its precepts.
And let's be clear, many of those who have been called "czars" have in fact been confirmed by the U.S. Senate as prescribed by federal law, and others hold policy jobs that have existed in Administrations stretching back decades.
So the short answer is that we won't be calling for the President's impeachment -- and given the fact that you made your appeal to the White House itself, we doubt you were holding your breath waiting for our support.
Here's the important thing, though. Even though this request isn't going to happen, we want you to walk away from this process with knowledge that we're doing our best to listen -- even to our harshest critics.
The key is that we can disagree without being disagreeable. That's the kind of public dialogue Americans deserve.
President Obama has said time and time again that neither party has a monopoly on good ideas. And he's repeatedly asked that all Americans -- those who agree with him, as well as those who don't -- do their part to get involved with their democracy.
That's why the White House has created a host of new tools and channels to help concerned citizens hear from us, and more importantly, to help President Obama hear directly from you. And the fact you signed this petition means you've already found at least one of them.

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