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Default Re: The President Obama Thread

Originally Posted by Fading View Post
So, I've been hearing about the white house trying to make it so they can kill Americans abroad with drones based on suspicion that they may pose danger to the US, without any sort of hearing or trial. Which apparently goes hand and hand with the 16 yr old boy who died in a drone strike, and it was brushed off as he was "affiliated" with his father the terrorist.

Now this bothers me. I've defended drones as I think they have the potential to cause less collateral damage striking a target surgical, and directly, without putting our troops in harms way. I draw a clear line at being able to kill our own people based solely on suspicion as soon as they leave our borders, without courts, media, or anyone else being involved.

First there was the double tapping. Now it's almost straight up assassination on our own people. I sincerely hope Obama turns this down as I find it...just wrong (I'm assuming it's not already in place). Imagine if our cops blew up the homes of suspected meth dealers, instead of making an arrest, and taking them through the legal system to definitely prove innocence. Yes I know police =|= FBI/CIA, and meth dealers =|= terrorist plotting mass murder, I couldn't think of a good analogy.
While I agree there is a grey area, I'm of the opinion that any person, American or otherwise, forfeits their rights when they make it their mission to attack this country and its people. Why should this country award you any rights when you are plotting its destruction? If you want to turn yourself in and come peacefully you can have your day in court. But if you are in a combat zone plotting with the enemy you should go down with them. As far as I am concerned, the second you take up arms against us you are no longer an American.

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