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Default Re: Race changes that wouldn't bother you


Originally Posted by weezerspider View Post
Regarding your first comment, if race IS a big deal, you can't change any races. If race ISN'T a big deal, than why worry about race to begin with? Its meaningless political correctness. Its asinine to say one character's race is more important than anothers'. Race either matters or it doesn't. You can't have both.

Regarding your second comment, is anyone really trying? How often in the last ten years has Marvel or DC said 'Hey, we've got a new hero that we're releasing, check out __man issue 1!" If Marvel put the time and effort in creating a new character instead of killing off Peter Parker in the Ultimate Universe, maybe they would have had something. I'm sorry, but Spiderman IS Peter Parker. He's not a legacy character. And Peter Parker IS white. Just like Falcon IS black. Or everyone in Big Hero 6 IS Japanese.
People are trying, we've had Batwing, Blue Beetle and more from DC. Marvel is more content to keep their black heroes as group leads rather than solo heroes.

On one hand, changing race is like changing the types of cars and buildings you see in the background. If you're updating a property to the modern era instead of the 60s, that includes removing the whitewash. On the other hand... adding diversity just makes things better overall in general. People who don't appreciate diversity or like things the way they were in the 60s tend to say anyone who feels differently is just doing it for PC reasons. The fact that your argument necessitates telepathy on people out in California shows the speciousness of the argument.

Changing black/asian/latino characters to white doesn't add diversity, it actually takes away diversity from the comics universe, neither does it update the property. The only reason to do so is to 'punish' others for taking away our white character from us.... or to do the tired "ethnic supervillain played by white guy is really a lackey for the white business-type" twist we keep getting nowadays. Those are both pretty sad reasons to be against diversity. Do you value diversity? Or do you prefer it be somewhere else?

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