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Default Re: Is orgins still apart of the timeline now?

Originally Posted by Dr Tactics View Post
I have confidence that the DOFP will fix everything. I think thats really why The Wolverine is sequel to everything and not a prequel to anything and DOFP will be a dual sequel to this and FC and they wont have to recon anything and reconcile everything..

I guarantee it
u could be right. i'm just tired of the continuity errors.

i really feel there should be some dialogue maybe that erases the whole "victor is my brother" element.

in orgins they make it seem as though victor and logan were always by each other side during those wars.

Maybe now logan is a sole survivor and has been all his life and he is immortal and somehow that can retcon orgins and the whole James Howlett on the plantation thing. maybe they'll

i hope its not like a highlander flashback and we see the return of an old enemy.

they need make it seem like there was never a victor/sabertooth and that orgins didn't happen.

and as for DOFP

I have a feeling that wolverine will be the time traveler. or maybe ellen page and wolverine can both travel in time.

and a older wolverine will and a grown up ellen page will end up wearing a "first class" uniform. that would be cool because there really aren't any cool mutants on the team now.

magneto and mystique are now evil and we just have beast, havok and a crippled xavier.

maybe to further retcon orgins we should get the blob to be a member of magneto's new brother hood.

i personally think they should reunite the surviving cast from x3

beast, angel, rougue, wolverine, shoadow cat, ice man, storm and have them working with magneto and the morlocks against sentinels in a terminator like future

and they send back a older wolverine.

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