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Default Re: First Class 3 or X-Men 5?

Okay what is going on with all the OT Cast hate. I'm reading through some posts and people are saying they don't think some of the actors in the OT can carry an X-Men film. Why is there doubt about this? The OT have carried three X-Men films with each film they've appeared in performing better than the last at the Box Office and I expect that trend to continue with Days of Future Past and onwards.

Besides I don't think it's fair to say that the OT cast can't carry an X-Men film when they First Class cast weren't exactly huge stars back in 2011. Even if the OT couldn't carry an X-Men movie with their star power alone, which they can, then they have the added advantage of playing the iconic X-Men, the 'big guns' of the X-Men comic world.

Halle Berry is still an A list star and is a box office draw as demonstrated by her latest movie. She is probably the biggest female star of the Original Trilogy.

Anna Paquin is the face of True Blood, a Pop culture HBO series that has a large following.

Ellen Page is still well known as well and is still recognised for her most iconic role as Juno which earned her an Oscar nomination.

Plus there's Hugh Jackman. They together will be more than enough to draw audiences to come watch another X-Men film. And I don't know where people are getting this notion that an OT X-Men film without Patrick and Ian will somehow under-perform. Those two are not draws. Their appearance in an X-Men film are like bonuses, highlights but they are not needed to continue this franchise. They can make brief appearances/cameos in any future movies if need be. But the idea that the series will come to some of halt without them is unfounded. I don't think the GA go to see an X-Men film to just see Professor X and Magneto talk. Do you?

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