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Default Re: HOT!!! New Interview w/ Bryan Singer! (August 20th)

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
I saw X-Men in 2000 having never read a single X-Men comic or watched a single X-Men cartoon, I and didn't know who the hell Jean and Scott were before I saw the movie. I'm fairly positive I'm not the only one, since most people I know don't read comic books but love those movies.

Since the movie will take place in the 60s, and since a good chunk of the audience are people like me who were first introduced to the characters in the first film, most of them will likely assume that neither of those characters were born yet.

Comic fans won't like it (but are they ever happy?), but the general audience probably won't care one way or the other.
the general audience will probably be wondering where Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is and why he's not in the

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