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Default Re: What people DIDN'T like from The Avenger ........Spoilers

Originally Posted by Hotwire View Post
He even says to Banner that all of this seemed familiar to him. The guy is at home in the role of an active soldier. He doesn't think in terms of how technologically advanced everything is, only that, those are the bad guys, and I have my orders.

They don't solve his issues with modern times, he puts them aside to focus on the mission at hand. I imagine his sequel will deal with how they keep coming back to haunt him. Kind of like how Wolverine is able to put aside his lack of memory to focus on what he needs to do.
Yeah, it's easier to forget about past when your memopry is lost. But still, the man was deeply in love and now after the first scene he just put all that behind rather quickly. Again, I get when you have 6 superheroes or so and have to deliver as much action as possible, you don't have time for everythiung, but I'm sure he would have had much more to do about it in a CA2 movie.

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