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Default Re: What people DIDN'T like from The Avenger ........Spoilers - Part 1

Originally Posted by The Morningstar View Post
He has, on numerous occasions. When was the last time Hulk blew up a planet just from the aftershocks of his punches?
Please. You think the Hulk couldn't do that? Of course being a hero, he isn't allowed to engage on that level. Especially since if he destroyed a planet he have nowhere to go.

Thanos has literally pimp slapped Hulk aside before.
With the Gauntlet. And the Hulk has floored Thanos- WITH the Gauntlet.

Thanos has no sold a Warrior Madness and Power Gem wielding Thor (which is Thor about 1000x stronger than he usually is). Thanos treats Silver Surfer like an ant regularly. Thanos has put Galactus on his ass. All of this with no weapons or prep time or artefacts.

His just on another level up than Hulk. Thanos is what would happen if you took Reed Richards and Dr Dooms brains, Dr Strange's magical mastery and Green Scar Hulk's pure strength, combined them together and amped them up a bit.
And yet he's been beaten by Captain Marvel and Warlock. Like I said, writers up and down power levels to suit storylines. And as you mention- Thanos' power isn't pure brute force. There's also cosmic energy and God-like resiliency behind it.

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