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Default Re: What people DIDN'T like from The Avenger ........Spoilers - Part 1

I just wanted to throw in here somewhere upon an fresh viewing-some people in the old thread were saying they didn't like the way that the Hulk went from bat***** crazy on the carrier to much more controlled after that so quickly.

In response, many have said that it was obvious Loki was controlling the Hulk. I am not saying this is not true at all but if you watch the scene you only see Loki once during the Widow/ Hulk battle/chase and it is pretty clear that he hears the roar and then smiles-to me suggesting he is kind of thinking-"good my plan is now in action."

To me the "plan" was always to have the Hulk just go on a tear to create chaos that would further distract and disconnect the team while dealing with Barton and squad.

In other words Hulk was his play but we wasn't controlling him necessarily just wanted him to be let loose. If he was controlling him why didn't he have Hulk bust the cage instead of Thor having done it? (edit-not busting in Thors case but being tricked into switching places).

An obvious response to this opinion would be the scene where everyone was bickering and Banner had the spear in his hands. My response would be that a. he was the closest and b. because of the soul gem or whatever being so close maybe he (Loki) could exert greater influence on their minds.

But again-if he could control Hulk as others are so sure why didn't he have the Hulk go nuts when they were all in the tight space together?

Just my 2 cents.

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