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Default Re: Christopher Eccleston is playing Malekith

Originally Posted by Tony Stark View Post
I think McMahon might have made a great Dr. Doom, I really liked him in Nip Tuck, and when he was on charmed. I think the character of Doom was written so poorly that he was hamstrung in what he could have done. It was really sad. There are moments when you see how good it might have been, diluded by massive face palm moments of "Marco....Polo", or "let's go for a spin!"

I sincerely hope when they do the reboot, they get people on it who are serious about doing the character right. It's like the people on the first film tried to make an amalgamation of Norman Osborne and Doom, and it totally failed.

I think the way Magneto and Loki were written with subtlety and multiple layers of complexity, are exactly what are needed for Doom.

At one time the FF movies were a bit of a guilty pleasure, because I loved those books as a kid, but now I can't watch them at all, after all the Marvel Studio films came out, and are light years better.
Yes, I don't blame the actor either as the character was written terribly on all accounts. Both his character and dialogue, as well as the overall concept of him and his powers.

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