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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

Originally Posted by Vaibow View Post
To be honest, i really think keeping Bale but taking Batman in a new direction is the way to go.

Since the dark knight rises, gotham rebuilt, wayne enterprises gets back on track after the 'bane' incident - merges with other companies to grow - such as lex corp.

Wayne comes out of the shadows, he too, like anyone else was scared and fled the country but, feels it's gotham that needs rebuilding.

He could be on crutches at various press events and says he has had surgery done on his knee whilst in italy.

Nightwing patrols the streets, but not like how Batman did, this vigilante is all about smaller crimes, the muggings, drugs, truent kids.

Bruce is in Gotham and working with Gordon, through his company to rebuild and improve security.

We see Bruce actually knuckle down and work, using his detective skills behind the scenes, helping hiscompany/applied sciences by inventing gadgets for the GCPD, but this is all a front as he has a super computer, so to speak that is also tracking the criminal under world and is helping Nightwing. This may sound a bit iron manish, but i feel a mature bruce wayne has parallels with tony stark - i could be wrong, but the way i see it.

There is a crime threat, that nightwing and batman solve together, i guess i would personally like to Riddler.

Then, one night, on CNN, a UFO appears, superman story unfolds in front of his eyes.

Wayne enterprises makes a statement regarding their satelite being destroyed.

Obviously there is a 'web cam' on the satelite that reveals images of the battle. A few images of superman are clearly visible and bruce takes notes.

Bruce has an unhealthy obsession with Superman - going from the article lois lane had sent out n conspiracy sites, he puts two and two together and targets clark kent - this prompt bruce to travel to metropolis and use lois lane as his go to, giving her exclusives and meeting clark kent.

Meanwhile, Lucious Fox uncovers some sinister plans happening over at lex corp. Fragments of machines used by zod are docomposing, their reactors displaying nuclear type qualities, although not harmful to humans - the cells taken from zod react to it - lex has discovered kryptonite and planning on arming police with bullets and armoury incorporated with this.

This prompts bruce to suit up, not in an armour, but a simpler version of the suit, more to hide his identity, but to show the symbolism of batman.

Batman tells superman about lex corp,which results in a show down of lex in a super suit, armed with kryptonite.

At the end, lex is defeated, and clark thanks batman using his name, bruce.. Batman responds with, using clark.

Obviously we have a few moments in the film where superman saves the day, a burning building, cat in a tree etc, and we also see the relationship of bruce and nightwing.

Sure, this isnt to evryones taste, but that's how i would play it out.
Is this for a batman solo film or a "World's Finest" team up with Superman? If it's a batman solo, I think there's way too much focus on Superman (for example why is Bruce so obsessed with him? Doesn't seem like the Nolan batman's style). It sounds like a solid idea for "World's Finest" tho, but there would have to be a lot less Nightwing and a lot more Superman.

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