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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post

Great minds think alike, Shauner.

I was thinking the film starts with us taking a stroll through the Batcave, whereever the camera takes us as we get to the super computer while it's doing research on Superman but then all of this has a voiceover of Bruce Wayne meeting Dr. Hugo Strange for required sessions with a psychiatrist as Bruce burst into a fit of rage during a Wayne Enterprises board meeting when he found out one of his satellites was destroyed(by Zod and Superman in MOS) and via flashbacks throughout the entire film we find out that Strange slowly deduces that Bruce and Batman is the same. As Batman, who was regarded for the longest as a myth before this film explores a locked Arkham Asylum, he deals with other villains(who I think need to be based on the villains that would be a threat psychologically that Strange can use to his advantage such as Scarecrow and Mad Hatter), while also slowly finding out that this still-unknown Riddler character is a washed-up journalist named Eddie Nashton that Strange is brainwashing for his dirty deeds to get Batman to escort him to Arkham Asylum.

The film ends with Batman and Strange(dressed up as Batman)

Maybe Strange even has some more muscle to help him out like Clayface of Killer Croc, but this film could be a very psychological take combining the elements of Arkham Asylum/City and Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth(also, watching NBC'S Hannibal has really made me think of this idea being such a great reboot introduction).

The reason I don't think I'd give anything big towards guys like Joker and Two-Face is because, quite frankly, Nolan used those two greatly...this reboot should start with lesser known villains to the general audience as well as a much, much, much better version of Scarecrow. MAYBE a nod to the Joker, but only that. I don't think I'd even want to hear Joker laugh as Batman walks down a hall.

Main villain: Dr. Strange (and his muscle could be Clayface or Killer Croc)

Minor villains: The Riddler, Scarecrow, Mad Hatter (and Clayface if he isn't used as Strange's muscle)

Cameos: Calendar Man, The Ventriloquist(good idea mentioning him, totally forgot about him myself)

The 4th time? Do you mean the sequel to this film should be after two Justice League films?
Nice. I agree with all of that.

4th time yeah. There's a greater chance that we'll be seeing this new Batman introduced in Justice League by Snyder/Goyer who will then pass it off to a new writer/director in the actor's first starring role as Batman. Then im assuming there could be a Justice League sequel that happens after his first solo outing. So a Batman solo sequel could actually be the 4th time we see this version.

It's either gonna go like this...

JL, solo bats, JL #2, sequel to solo bats OR
solo bats rebooted, JL, sequel to solo bats, JL #2 OR
JL, solo bats, sequel to solo bats, JL #2

"Lets make one thing very clear here - Nolan's films are as faithful an adaptation as there is. It pays homage to its source material, remains true to its characters and above all else places the story first and foremost." - jmc
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