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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Nice. I agree with all of that.

4th time yeah. There's a greater chance that we'll be seeing this new Batman introduced in Justice League by Snyder/Goyer who will then pass it off to a new writer/director in the actor's first starring role as Batman. Then im assuming there could be a Justice League sequel that happens after his first solo outing. So a Batman solo sequel could actually be the 4th time we see this version.

It's either gonna go like this...

JL, solo bats, JL #2, sequel to solo bats OR
solo bats rebooted, JL, sequel to solo bats, JL #2 OR
JL, solo bats, sequel to solo bats, JL #2
If it would be after a JL film, then scratch his computer doing research on Superman and have some other reason why Bruce is made to get required sessions with a psychiatrist, but if you have a reboot before a JL film, what I said makes sense, imo.

I wouldn't mind a Batman reboot, JL film, JL sequel and then a World's Finest either. Not really rebooting for a series of Batflicks, but just give us one great Batman film, then installments for other films like JL and WF....also, it would be a great amount of time to work into using Joker, which would be a perfect villain for a World's Finest.

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