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Default Re: Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El Characterization

I don't think it is too complicated to explain which is the real Kal-El.

I think there is Kal-El:
Kal-El is the man who grows up on the farm, strong, powerful and with a very definite sense of what is right and wrong and has a kind of ethics that most people don't. He is confident, smart, and kind.

Clark Kent is:
A slouching, quieter version of Kal-El. He still has a strong sense of right and wrong but is simply in disguise. A faded version of Kal-El. He does not come off as confident or as smart anymore as Kal-El from the farm. He isn't a bumbling idiot that sticks out like a sore thumb because he is a boob.

In fact, he doesn't or shouldn't stick out at all. He should be just one more guy that looks maybe a little chubby in a suit because of his posture. He wears glasses instead of contacts, and does not have a very good sense of style at least for his hair. He doesn't wear colorful ties or anything like that. He isn't at office parties, and isn't in the mix of everything in the office because it would be much easier to recognize him. He should just be a bland version of Kal-El who is simply lacking a little bit in personality. He is easily forgotten, he is easily dismissed, he just does not make an impression on people.

Clark is not the real Kal-El because he is just forgettable. If you didn't see him in the office for a couple of days you might think of asking if he was on one of his days off when you got there, and just forget about it 5 minutes later.

I think that Superman is:
An exaggeration of Kal-El. He stands out much more than Kal-El and everyone knows what he believes in. He is not just confident but he is fierce. He can be the guy that pulls a kitten off a tree but he should also be the guy that could scare someone off without even moving a muscle. He is supposed to radiate intensity as Superman. He is supposed to be fierce when he needs to be and physical.

I think that's what most people don't realize. It is not that Superman is the real person or Clark is the real person. The real "Clark" does not slouch or need to wear glasses, and the real "Superman" is not fierce all the time flying around patrolling the world.

The real person is Kal-El. The person he is when he is by himself, either reading, watching TV, or doing something for himself. Flying to see the world for himself, or at the farm, etc.

I don't think there are 2 persons, but 3.

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