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Default Re: Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El Characterization

So is anyone else wondering as I am on how they’ll come up with an explanation as to why Clark starts to don the Glasses at the time he chooses to in the same believable manner that they were able to incorporate the Batsuit/Gadgets/Tumbler into BB?

I mean, I hope they’re not going to go down the route where Clark after many years of not having worn glasses, with everyone having gotten familiar with his face, chooses to suddenly don them and that no one will recognize his face once he emerges as Superman. But in the same time, unless he had chosen to wear glasses at a VERY early age, there’s no believable way in this already “suspended in disbelief” route that they could say that no one would have recognized Clark if they had been already familiar with his face without the glasses.

I’m also wondering, if they do go down the Birthright route, where Clark chooses to learn more about his heritage AFTER he comes back from his foreign trip, why had he waited so long to do so?

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