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Default Re: The Winter Soldier Thread

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
Well, SHIELD has the dossiers on the Howling Commandos in the deleted scenes. So presumably anyone with access to those files, Hill, Fury, Sitwell. Then of course, there's Natasha.

I disagree that he's a symbol, too. He's, at most, a bogeyman. A story about some superspy who could be anyone and could strike anywhere, at any time.

He isn't supposed to have an image.
The thing is, Bucky's likely to have changed his look somewhat over time, even if he's not aging at the usual rate. In the comics, WS was a young adult with long hair, so no one thought to connect him to a "dead" little boy sidekick from WWII. And, not knowing that WS is actually being put on ice for long periods of time, the math just wouldn't have added up.

At best, someone like Fury or Natasha would look at a file picture of WS and *maybe* notice a slight resemblance to Cap's best friend during the war, but nobody would seriously try to suggest that Bucky survived the fall during the train attack, let alone that he's still alive 70 years later and apparently hasn't aged a bit. They wouldn't figure the Captain America Anomaly would happen twice in very different parts of the world....wayyyyy too coincidental.


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