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Default Re: Dear Kevin Feige... please don't slowly turn Marvel Studios into Fox or Sony

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Yes. Yes, it will.
Because Thanos is a cosmic character, and comes from a subgenre of comics where magic and spectacularly advanced alien technology are par for the course.

Iron Man comes from a subgenre of comics where it isn't. Yes, a character like Thanos *and* comic-book Mandarin fits right in with an Avengers movie, since the Avengers historically fight the over-the-top, uber-powered, cosmic villains with outlandish powersets and backstories. The Iron Man comics and movies are more concerned with "down-to-earth" nuts-and-bolts sci-fi, villains who are based on fairly credible modern technology, corporate warfare, and contemporary spy and political thrillers. That's not the milieu where a Fu Manchu with super-powered alien rings he nabbed from a dead dragon in a crashed flying saucer belongs.

No, it turned him from "intimidating threat" to "intimidating threat with incredible superpowers, an army of similarly super-powered mercenaries, a vast amount of wealth and resources, and a genius intellect capable of providing Tony Stark with an enemy who is worthy of him."

The Mandarin is Killian. Period. Everybody who watched the movie (and plenty who haven't) knows that by now, including you. So any discussion of "zomg they raped the Mandarin" HAS to be predicated on discussion of KILLIAN as The Mandarin, NOT TREVOR SLATTERY as The Mandarin. Any argument that tries to make Trevor Slattery out to be The Mandarin is null and void and flat wrong.

And again: you know that. Don't play coy.
So you either like Killian as the Mandarin or you don't. I personally don't so bringing that up to shut up fans who didn't like this twist in the movie still wont change their minds about it.

Some of you are forgetting that they make an effort to show the rings in the trailer thus misleading people who knew at least part of the characters origin. It was a blatant slap in the face.

So to people who ask me how was the film I say this film is a rental at best. And when I asked my son how he felt about it he said, "It cool, I just didn't like the villain."

I hope that GOTG, Thor and Cap are handled much better otherwise I'm done.

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