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Default Re: Dear Kevin Feige... please don't slowly turn Marvel Studios into Fox or Sony

Originally Posted by Figs View Post
Don't get me wrong Mr. Dent, I actually liked the twist in IM3, and I'm a fan of the comics since I was a kid. As others have said, they incorporated elements of comic Mandarin into both Kingsley when his character is "acting" and Pierce, which was a interesting and refreshing move.

With that being said, this whole, Comic Mandarin wouldn't work in modern times(which a number of other people have said, not just you) is a load of horse ****.

They fixed the biggest problem, don't cast an asian actor and definitely don't follow the racist caricature with the buck teeth. They cast someone white in the role, that was all they needed to do. Whether he had tech rings or not wasn't all that important. Yeah it would have been cool to see them, but I don't think it's a deal breaker.

Basically it's like when Fox didn't think the yellow and blue X-men costumes would work. Vaughn and his costume designer/s basically slapped them in the face with X-men First Class. I liked the traditional costumes in that movie, he made it work. You know how? He didn't have his head up his ass like whoever at Fox was against Spandex. Hmm, how do we fix that? Oh yeah, just don't use Spandex and maybe tone down the brightness of the colors, or the blue at least.

Basically I really enjoyed IM3, liked it a lot more than part 2, and the twist was damn funny.

My *****ing isn't because of the twist, it's because of the constant talk about how it's impossible to bring a more comic accurate Mandarin to the big screen.
Yeah what the hell is that? Or even worse is, "It can't ever be done in any way so they shouldn't even try..."

C'mon, we as comic book fans should be better than that.

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