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Default Re: Dear Kevin Feige... please don't slowly turn Marvel Studios into Fox or Sony

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
They are angry because they felt mislead which is down to the execution. You admit that Killian needed work, do you not think if his story had been handled properly with the twist actually having some emotional meaning that people would be as annoyed? There's no pay off with the twist, it's there as a trick and not much else. The great irony in all this is that people who are ok with how things turned out calling complainers out as being not open to change yet the entire build up toward the film showed us something completely different to the character in the comics, and yet no one batted an eyelid prior to its release, in fact most people were excited of what they were seeing from what I could tell. So how exactly are more people angry that they didn't get the comic character when frankly everyone going in was more than aware we wouldn't be getting that character?
Yes to the bolded. I felt he was a fine villain whose backstory and character motivation could have used more work. But the problem I had lies more with character than plot. A better and more precise motivation would have made the catharsis of the plot twist better, but I do not think it was poorly handled it worked for me in the story.

Yes, you were mislead. That's what a red herring is. A plot twist mislead you most of that way.

Fans are angry because they still held out hope that he had the rings, and felt that the Mandarin, despite being Chinese would have other resemblances to the comics, such as the robes and the appearance. Killian's Mandarin still had the personality and meglomaniacal goals. People also forget that he created the face for terrorism in Kingsley's character.

I felt that the twist worked for other reasons that I have stated in other threads, but to make it short I felt that it worked because Killian in many ways was Tony's opposite not only in terms of being a business rival, but also his psychological opponent. Those motivations could have been strengthened,

I'm not saying that people shouldn't be mad, but I find it very extreme to say that Marvel Studios is like Fox or Sony after one radical plot twist that deviates from the comcs, especially when it seems like many of the people in this thread like the phase 1 movies. Even if you dislike it, I still believe that it's way too early to be flipping the panic switch.

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