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Default Re: Dear Kevin Feige... please don't slowly turn Marvel Studios into Fox or Sony

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
How is Killian not as menacing as the "fake Mandarin?" You guys keep trying to gloss over the fact that everything Trevor did as "The Mandarin" was all Killians idea, his plan.
to me he wasn't thats how i feel.

it may have been killians plan but honestly the character came across as the stereotypical angry geek scientist at the start that vows vengeance, because he was ignored by his idol. hell all that was missing from the scene on the roof was him screaming "i'll get you stark this i swear" or some other usual cliche, and after his change its still seems like the whole thing is just to get back at stark because he blew him off years ago.

as other have said if he had more time put into the character and the story developed AIM much better then this may not have been, but truthfully he seemed like such a background character i didnt even remember his name until i looked it up on imdb when i got home.

kingsley mandarin had a presence in the room, he may not have been physically imposing but when he spoke and acted it seemed like if he lost his temper **** would hit the fan, again i keep referring back to his other roles like sexy beast

like i've said i am not an iron man comic fan (he's like superman to me wouldnt pick up his solo books but like seeing him in team books) so its not to do with a love of comics or the source material, i just feel that one take on the villain(Kingsley) had a much more of an impact before the twist than killian did before and after.

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