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Default Re: Dear Kevin Feige... please don't slowly turn Marvel Studios into Fox or Sony

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
This is the definition of fickle. If you liked/loved most of their pre-IM3 stuff, one story decision shouldn't destroy your confidence in the studio. Fox and Sony had a string of misfires (Sony with Ghost Rider and Spider-Man 3 and Fox with Fantastic Four, X3, Wolverine, and for the most part Daredevil with only X2 as a hit in that span of 2003-2009).

It's pretty sad all that goodwill Marvel Studios built up from Phase 1 can go away so easy with one decision. This backlash reminds me of the backlash with Sam Raimi after Spider-Man 3 and (to a much lesser degree) Nolan for TDKR.
Did you just gloss over the part where I said

I'm not 100% giving up after this one stinker but my enthusiasm is now on the decline
I'm not giving up, yet. But the will to put up with crap like this isn't unlimited. At some point the camel's back will break. So I hope they don't continue with this kind of thing. I have hope that they won't.

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