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Default Re: The Avengers Box-Office Prediction Thread - Part 7

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
The film out-grossed:

- Every Non-James Cameron film. Ever.
- Every comic book movie ever.
- The original X-Men trilogy combined
- Iron Man 1 & 2 combined
- Batman Begins and The Dark Knight combined.
- The entire Star Trek franchise combined.
- The entire Superman franchise combined.
- Any Marvel Studios film's worldwide gross based on domestic gross alone.
- Any Sony Spider-Man film's worldwide gross based on it's foreign gross alone.
- Hulk after 2 days.
- Daredevil after 1 day.
- The entire Blade trilogy after 3 days.
- Thor after 3 days.
- Green Lantern after 2 days.
- X-Men First Class after 3 days, and any X-Men film ever after 5.
- Captain America: The First Avenger after 3 days.

and grossed nearly as much as:

- The first two Spider-Man films combined.
- The first two Transformers films combined.
- All Four films that starred Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
- The entire Fast and Furious franchise.
- The entire Narnia Franchise.
- The entire Matrix Franchise.

And they did it all with characters that nay-sayers and Bitter Justice League fans called "B-listers" and "Second stringers", all while becoming one of very few Summer Blockbusters to achieve an approval rating higher than 90% and an average score equal to or higher than an 8/10 on Rotten tomatoes.

We witnessed history, boys and girls.
Great post! And btw, I'm proud to have been a fan of this before it was mega popular.


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