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Default Re: Anthony Michael Hall's Secret Role in the Dark Knight?

Originally Posted by Chucktallica101 View Post
21. Paul Bettany could constantly humble Heath Ledger on set by showing him the proper way of performing his character.----- I'm still beside myself that he didn't land the role. He fits the Joker profile to a 'T'. He's too tall for Riddler though....

I am so sick and tired of that garbage. Only reason Bettany had so many fanboys drooling was because of some small movie he did(can't remember name) were he played some sort of spaz/psycho, and oh yeah........his skin is pale.

Kinda like why the other side of fanboys were drooling over Glover. Simply cause he was lanky and had a pointy jaw and nose. Too bad he plays every role almost the a big puss.

I'd take Ledger any day over those two. It reminds me of my younger sister who is boycotting this film. Partly because she wanted Crispin Glover as the Joker, and why?? Same reason as those other fanboys, just because he had a pointy jaw and nose .

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