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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 7

Originally Posted by darkslayer101 View Post
TBH i dont think a thor tv spot is gonna be shown at superbowl cuz:
the movie is less than an year away, and IM3 needs to amp up its marketing by putting a tv spot, i dont think Disney is willing to put 2 marvel movies during the bowl so dont get ur hopes up...
But i am pretty damn sure IM3 will have a tv spot during superbowl cuz theres not that many blockbuster movies coming out on the first half of 2013 other than MOS and star trek...
I think the first footage of thor we are gonna get is with the phase 1 briefcase pack where Feige i think confirmed that theres gonna be some sort of teaser of IM3, Thor TDW, and Cap WS, which is like the first week of April...
as for a full theatrical trailer for Thor 2, I is most likely gonna be with IM3 release, which is six months before Thor 2 release, which sounds right since IM3 got its first trailer before six months of its release...
Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
^ I agree with all that, darkslayer, except the part about the Super Bowl. IM3 has pretty much already got its big trailers out; the only new things we'll have between now and release will be the 30- 60-second TV spots that are mostly rehashes of the teaser & theatrical trailers. Marvel isn't going to blow beaucoup dollars on blasphemously expensive Super Bowl spots for those. If Marvel wants *any* Super Bowl advertising, they'll want to get/give their money's worth, so a brand new Thor trailer is far more likely to have an impact than IM3 trailer leftovers.
I disagree with both of you--I think both movies will have a presence during the Super Bowl. Though I agree with your positive reasons for either teaser to be shown.

For one, you have Iron Man--the same Iron Man that in 2008 elevated the recent trend of upcoming movies showing teasers during the Superbowl. At this point it would be out of character if Tony Stark didn't show up on the biggest stage in America. It's also an opportunity to show some fun aspects of Iron Man 3 that aren't in the first trailer. Given the serious nature of that trailer, the MoS trailer, and the STID trailer these past few months, a more energetic teaser for IM3 during the Super Bowl could serve to be a memorable, stark contrast.

Also, cherokeesam, I can almost guarantee that Iron Man 3 will have a second full-length trailer: the past two Iron Man movies (as well as Thor and Avengers) released second trailers about two months before their May release dates. Iron Man 3 isn't done showing new stuff.

As for Thor, it's an opportunity to finally show the world just how different and intriguing Alan Taylor's vision is going to be tonally and visually for a Thor they've seen the past two years, leaving an indelible mark in people's minds. America thinks it already knows what Thor is all about. A Super Bowl teaser could turn that on its head. I don't think Marvel is going to reveal the first Thor 2 footage in a box set that only a small percentage of the population will end up buying.

And why are you guys all of a sudden concerned that Disney wouldn't want to pay for both? They did it for Thor and Cap in 2011, didn't they?

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