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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 5

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
She can just do Black Widow reaction shots. They can film her face or her fist or leg etc and use a stunt double. As to what is safe, I have no idea.
As long as it looks convincing it should be fine. No point taking risks. But I hope she doesn't have another one during Avengers 3. Want to see her really show some moves for that one.

Originally Posted by Suzanne78 View Post
Pregnant women can actually continue with exercise and fitness levels way into late second/third trimester so long as they don't have any complications and their doctor hasn't put them on bedrest. Last year an 8 month pregnant woman who does Crossfit came under fire for posting a pic of her lifting weights. Heavy, heavy weights.

There are also women who run strenuously up until the time they deliver their child, or they go in to labor during races (marathons actually) and they're perfectly fine. It's very subjective and obviously they shouldn't go against doctor's advice, but if a woman has a certain fitness level and then she gets pregnant, she can continue doing the same or similar activities (though they may have to be adjusted).

But I will say that it's far more likely for Whedon and Co. to use Scarlett's reaction shots and camera trickery rather than take any unnecessary risks.
Oh I remember seeing that with loads of negative comments from other women. Good to know. And I agree, even if commonly safe, how bad would people feel if there was a complication. I'm sure Whedon & co will do the right thing to get the most out of her scenes early on with minimal risk.

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