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Originally Posted by Pickle-El View Post
And that right there, it the difference between you liking an idea and someone else absolutely loathing it...and picketing by not watching.

It's the simple biggest gripe I have about Superman fans, everyone is so entralled and involved with 'their version', they will literally be the 'Indie Music Guy' when it comes to other versions. Very similar to the way Batfans already view TDK as opposed to say.....any other film every created.

That is the problem, and unfortunately for this thread, that's what will continue to happen.
Thats very stupid for u to say that since I absolutely LOVE All-Star Superman AND IT IS Basically pre-crisis, with bottle city of kandor an all. The thing is...when done by someone who loves the character and understands it, i will like it, no matter what version of Superman. I dont care about details. I just dont trust that some unknown writer who never read Superman comics in his life would just open a page of the comics and pick this idea and make it work like Morrison did.

Anyway, i know a great Superman story when i read it right away be it pre-crisis, byrne, post-crisis, origin, whatever. SR wasnt a great story nor it deserved to be told and spent 200 million dollars in making it come true.

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