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Default Re: Your favourite TDKR scenes that you watch over and over again...

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
When I first saw the film, I have to admit that I didn't feel the emotional punch of Batman's last line to Gordon that a lot of fans seemed to feel. I think I was just so overwhelmed by the film up to that point that I was numbed out and thought it was lacking something. I was totally wrong. Now when I watch it, especially knowing that it's Bruce's final line in the trilogy, it gives me chills every time. It is such a well-earned payoff...Gordon finally understands why Batman accepted it when he tried to thank him . And it's just awesome that Batman is able to make his "last words" a reaffirmation of his mission statement while revealing his identity to his old friend. Ugh, it's beautiful.
One other thing I got from that scene, apart from the emotional punch, was how it came through that Gordon was one of the only ones to have understood Batman's purpose as a symbol from the beginning. He says to Batman 'I never cared who you were'. That to me tells me that he could've always found out who Batman was, but chose not to because of the value of the symbol he represented.

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