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Default Re: What didn't you like about the film?

My main complaints:

-Wolverine remembering what happened in WWII for no reason, this could have been handled way better, specially when the previous Wolverine movie showed us how he lost his memories (which I found kind of stupid, tbh, the "adamantium bullet" thing was an awfull idea). I've read the thread ralking about this and how somepeople think that it makes sense that he is recovering some memories, but the way it's handled in this movie seems like if he just remembered it without a single problem, it's all like:

Yukio: "Do you remember that japanese guy that you saved 70 years ago?"


Wolvie: "Oh, yeah, sure, how is he doing?"

-The lack of "Wolverine vs ninjas" stuff. In a movie with Wolverine in Japan everybody wants to see him fighting ninjas. There was a promotional poster with lots of ninjas, even a trailer where all the ninjas are shown and Wolvie asks if they couldn't bring a few more, but then you are watching the movie and after asking for more ninjas he just runs away like a pussy, he is not even able to turn around and stop the arrows with his claws, he just runs like Forrest until he is ko. LAME.

-Yeah, he liked Jean and he killed her, but she was not his girlfriend, the dream sequences din't make much sense imo.

-Sometimes the movie felt like if it was "Elektra 2: Starring Wolverine".

-Wolverine loses his adamantium claws, the ultimate "frak you" to the fans. LOL. It was like if the Fox executives thought:

Fox: "What has been the most controversial and hated moment in the last 20 years of Wolverine's history?"

Writer: "When he lost his adamantium and Marvel gave him bone claws instead."

Fox: "Yeah, add that to the script, it will be awesome."

I don't know how DOTFP will handle all the cr*p from all the last mutant movies, there is so much stuff waiting to be fixed that I almost wish that they just rebooted the whole franchise. A shame, because I really liked the first 2 movies.

The Wolverine would have been ok if they had handled the stuff above a little bit better, and like with MOS, I hope that some day a director's cut is released and fixes a few of their problems.

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