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Default Re: What didn't you like about the film?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it started off in WW2 because Mangold said in some interview that he loves the opening of the first X-Men film in the concentration camp in WW2 and it set the tone for the rest of the film and he wanted an opening like that to The Wolverine.

Plus, the writers had to think of a different reason why he goes to Japan because before the Japanese Saga starts, Logan is already in love with Mariko and he's been to Japan before on a mission with the X-Men and met Sunfire. But in the film universe that never happened and you can't expect the general audience to accept that he's been before without 20 minutes of exposition, so they treated it like this was his first time to Japan, so the opening scene in WW2 sets the plot in motion and is logical reason why he goes to Japan.

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