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Default Re: Spider-Man Universe

Hmmm... you can. You do need a Peter Parker cameo of sorts, to get the symbiote to kick off the story, cause havoc and then get free, and then you remove him from the story, recuperating from his ordeal with the Symbiote in some way. You then foreshadow what Brock will become if he keeps the symbiote on, both in terms of power and self destructive danger, as well as explain why Spider-Man never helps at all during the film.

It does rob you of an extended period where Venom Spidey is running around being angsty, but I think we got enough of that in SM3, imho. Doing it "right" isn't worth repeating the same exact story points again.

I also want to see a Prowler move, I think that could be pretty frakking cool on the inventor angle. Black Cat could be a super-fun heist film, and if they really want to push it and be innovative, let Dr. Octopus be a straight up villain/horror-type film character study with a downer ending.

I think it'd be fun to see Arana and Miles Morales down the line as well.

What I think would be most cool is if they actually killed off Peter Parker after 5-6 films and had Garfield playing Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider. Or Superior Spider-Man. Or both, not sure, could be awesome either way.

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