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Default Re: Things That Would Get You Interested In This Movie

Originally Posted by Kevin Smith View Post
That and maybe if Michael B Jordan isn't Johnny Storm or Kate Mara isn't Sue Storm and one of them has a different last name instead

This is a photo of the Hodgson twins. They are biological sisters whom have parents that are each half Black and half White. The Punnett Square demonstrates Mendelian inheritance and how one may arrive at such an occurrence with seemingly disparate organisms that share the same parents.

Given that the Fantastic Four is already science-fantasy, it would not be a far stretch at all to introduce actual science to explain a very real phenomenon. Even then, why would it matter if Johnny were adopted instead? Would that make Sue any less his sister? Would it make them have less familial love? Why do people struggle with the acceptance of blended families? This trend of thought has far wider reaching and poignant implications than the simple casting of a Hollywood film.

Originally posted by Sawyer

The exact opposite of that picture would have to be, like... a skinny, pale little Irish girl holding a hoe.

I'm sorry you didn't get your skinny, pale little Irish girl holding a hoe.
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