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Default Re: Things That Would Get You Interested In This Movie

Originally Posted by Joe Rockhead View Post
I have no problem going for a UFF version of the Fantastic Four for this movie. I think that series had some missteps along the way but some of the storylines worked quite well.

I think the Annihilus storyline in particular was an excellent departure from the 616 version.
I also rather enjoyed the twists in introducing Thanos, and the Super Skrull.

UFF wasn't all bad. I think Ben, Johnny and Sue were portrayed pretty accurately from the get-go. The biggest damage was to Reed and Victor - arguably the most important characters to "get right".

Putting Victor in the original mix of the accident was a clear mistake, and I really think giving him the organic armor, poison breath and goat legs was just all kinds of wrong.

The problem with making Reed so young is that it's hard for characters in positions of authority to respect him with no prior evidence to support his position. He's supposed to be the premiere scientific mind on the planet. Coming from a kid, to characters like Fury and Stark - he's just some arrogant punk kid. The dynamic is lost.

I have very little confidence with this movie getting anything right beyond the names and powers of the main 4 characters. And that's why calling it the Fantastic Four seems to me the biggest failing of all.
Yeah, I can see what you mean. I actually liked the portrayal of Reed and Victor before the accident, but I'll admit that they did take away some of Reed's leadership and authority, and they definitely dropped the ball with Doom.

I'm hoping they do something like TASM, where they take some elements of the Ultimate series and mix it with their own stuff, so that they don't have to carry over all the things that UFF got wrong.

Also, if we're talking visual resemblance, is the current cast really that far off? I guess you could say MBJ as Johnny, but he'll probably be on fire most of the time anyway, and he usually plays smartass teenagers anyway. Bell will be in a mocap suit and doesn't count, Mara only needs a little hair dye, and as far as Teller...maybe you could say he's a little too pudgy (he'll probably lose that between Divergent and this), but otherwise, I don't see how he fails to look like what most would expect a young Reed to look like. Just IMO.

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